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My name is Anise Parker, and I decided to create this Health Guide Online located online at https://www.healthguideweb.net to share health information.

Since retiring from my J.O.B., I’ve been focusing on the Internet being a full-time Digital Marketer enjoying my life without stress and time constraints. Aside from affiliate marketing another focus has been on health related concerns working towards bettering quality of life with education and knowledge about health issues that we are all faced as we get older. Of course, I will admit that I’m not as active as I should be when it comes to my fitness goals, work in progress. On this website you will find information regarding various aging topics along with other health issues that friends & family members are going through such as: acid reflux, arthritis, diabetes, eye care, fibromyalgia, gerd, gi diet, high cholesterol, irritable bowel syndrome (ibs), sleep apnea, tinnitus, and some videos as well. Reviews and information are provided so you can make informed decisions and improve your quality of life.

All comments, queries and other requests relating to our use of your information should be addressed to support at healthguideweb.net .

Many, if not all of the links on this website are affiliate links which means that we will be compensated if you choose to buy at some point in the near future. Please accept our sincere thanks for your support.

Anise Parker, Chicago IL
Anise Parker, Digital Marketer with health interersts


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